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Join the # 1 Most Duplicable Final Expense Program in The Country! Exciting New Final Expense Opportunities Now Available Nationwide! Increase Your Commissions by 38% and Close More Than 70%!

WE ARE HERE TO HELP!!! Our organization was established by agents for agents. We know how difficult it is to keep motivated, focused and so you can be successful in this industry. Without proper training, systems and support this business can be tough. Here is the solution!! 

Final Expense Sales System!

We can show you how to increase your closing ratio and increase your premium per sale!
We have everything you need to be successful, all included in our exclusive Field Tested Presentation, Scripts and our Option sheet. All you need to do is to order our professionally designed mailers that average 1% to 3% returns on a weekly basis! Then just follow our presentation system. 
  • Our sales system has been averaging as high as a 70% closing ratio!
  • Our agents have very little to no out of pocket cost for leads! Because of our lead subsidy!
$1000 of net annualized premium earns you $50 toward leads! 
$3000 AP earns you $150 toward leads!
***Our average agent earns $150-$250 in lead credit each week.

Low Cost Mailers (1000pcs) 
$300 - This mail piece is great if your on a budge!
$365 - This Piece goes out and comes back first class, Average response rates are 1% to 1.5% and Within 2 weeks you will have leads in your hands.
$375 - This Piece goes out snail mail but comes back first class, Getting over 2% response rate in most areas tested and Leads in hands in 3 weeks.

So: What's the next Step?

We only have room for serious agents that make things happen.
To qualify for our exclusive program you must be willing to do the following:
  • Commit to produce $2500 AP each week
  • Commit to the Final Expense Industry
  • Commit to working our proven system
  • Commit to our auto pilot lead program (Order 1000 piece mailers each and every week. (NO EXCEPTIONS)
  • ALL Final Expense production must be written with our approved carriers. (NO EXCEPTIONS)Do you have what it takes to be successful, want to finally have a system that’s tested & proven and want to close averaging over 70% while increasing your premium per sale?


Secure Your Territory Today!

If you are committed and want to work full time selling final expense join our mailing list to the top right hand side. Contact one of our Marketers! If you are New to this industry, Not a problem! We will get you up to speed! If you are a Seasoned Vet, Not a problem! We will help you improve your Premium Per Sale and Closing Ratio!

Also when you join you will get full access to the New FE Sales System page on this site. It is Username and Password protected.

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We also offer...

Broker Contracts 

We provide a higher commission levels available for agents who don't need much support. This is great for an independent agent or agency. You can view all the commission levels for this here on our website.


Final Expense Opportunity Calculator! Click below!

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3FG is company that offers a turn-key system and all the tools to help the Independent Agent find his or her own success. If you have a strong work ethic, resilient attitude, and are committed to personal development, then you deserve to work with us.

Use the tabs above and click the company to find the contracts and commission schedules for Independent Agents. Once you have filled out the contracts, fax the completed signed and dated paperwork, and any required information (Licensing, E and O etc…) fax to (760) 538-4324 or you can email it to karl.schuckert@my3fg.com 

***Please send each contract in separate fax with a cover sheet.***

Once you have completed all your contracting and appointment paperwork with each carrier, please make sure to contact Karl Schuckert or the recruiting manager, to ensure a great partnership and to review the opportunity on a one-to-one basis. You will then be given a password to our FE sales system vault here you will find a page on our company’s website there you will find everything you will need to get started including a checks to success page. Fallow each check to learn our system. There you will also find extra copies of required material that you will need in the field. We will send you everything you need once contracting is completed including presentation, scripts, schedule, and One on one training with one of our managers, or one of the partners. And lets not forget Bonus Lead Subsidy! We want to ensure your success utilizing our field proven sales system. We are also looking for Managers, FMO's,GA's and MGA's where we can offer you our agency franchise opportunity inquire within. We look forward in working with you! 


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